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Real Estate Marketing

3 Ads That Draw Distressed Homeowners to You

If your real estate investing business includes dealing with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures – mainly distressed homeowners – the playing field is somewhat different than simply wholesaling or flipping and rehabbing. The rules of the game are different.

Attracting Sellers: Getting Them to Call You

There are basically two ways to find potential sellers. I call them Passive Advertising and Active Advertising...

Beware of Paranoid Realtors

Most of you know my opinion of realtors. For those that don’t it goes like this: There are a handful that are worth a rip, the rest are MORONS!

Helping folks in Real Estate

Is it possible to help both a buyer and a seller and make a killer profit in a flipping transaction? Read on and see an example of how I did it last year.

Power of Networking

Equinox Advantage believes in the power of a great sphere of Influence!

What If A Seller Calls With A Listed House?

It is common for a seller to call us that has a house listed with a Realtor. There are two possible options, one ethical, one that may get you into trouble, which one will you do?

Marketing Is A Four-Letter Word!

Why do we shy away from the most important aspect of our business? Marketing is the lynchpin of all business endeavor, and those who learn that will always lead the pack.

Simultaneous Closings Vs Option to Purchase

As a selling technique, which is better for you a Simultaneous Closing or an Option to Purchase to agreement? Here I show you the choices.

Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months

We all have choices in life. We can spend our lives making a living or we can choose to make some real money. Unfortunately, most people choose to make a living. They don't take time and spend their lives walking over the dollars to get to the dimes. Most real estate investors are no different.

Branding Yourself For Increased Profitability

Successful Realtors know the importance of branding their identities into the consciousness of the communities in which they live, like the big boys; Pepsi, McDonald's, Burger King, and other companies we know and have come to trust.

Beating The Competition

Unless your product or service is one-of-a-kind, you've got competition. To beat them, you have to make sure you're the key company, the one your customers turn to above all others. How do you do that if you're new and small?

Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Web?

Is your site visible, interactive? How's the infrastructure? Are your mailings personalized? What about tracking and consistency? In order to get the most out of your website all of these items are important.

Flipping Is Illegal !!

Oh No! All this time you've been telling me I could make a killing buying & selling (flipping) houses and now you?re telling me it's illegal, Ron?

What You Can Do With Snail Mail

Sending follow up letters, announcements or flyers to your customers is one of the best ways to keep in touch. With all the hoopla surrounding email today.. spam filters, rules and regulations governing who, and what you can email; don't forget the way you used to connect with your customers before all this technology came into play.

Creating Referrals

We all want an office in which the phone rings continually with offers of referral business. Does having this type of office sound like a dream? It need not be such a far fetched reality, though it requires diligent work with clients. There are a few key steps to creating a great referral business.

"Refrigerator Art" Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

"Refrigerator Art Marketing" may sound like a funny name, but the concept is a unique twist on an old "tried and true" marketing idea...

Closing Gifts Leave A Lasting Impression

In my travels around the Southeastern US, and even beyond; I've learned something important while doing research for my business-that people remember what gift (if any) their agent gave them for EVERY closing they’ve had!

Simple, Easy ways to Increase Your Email Efficiency by 100 percent!

Some simple steps you should do EVERYTIME you receive an email

Don't lock your website in the closet!

Six Important tips on promoting your website

A Forgotten Marketing Tool - The Postcard

The postcard can be a very powerful marketing tool. Many of our customers and/or students use them in their business.

Take It To The Customer

Today the competition is fierce for a customers' attention. In order to compete, you need to employ take-it-to-the-customer techniques.

Using Those Business Cards

One of the first things you do when starting a business is to have business cards made up. The next thing you need to do is give them out. If you keep them in the card holders or the box in your office, they are not doing what you got them for.

The Art of Calling on Real Estate

I've learned over time to not think of telephoning as cold calling, but how I can help a seller or buyer.

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