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2 Most Common Problems Keeping You from Buying a Home

Today is probably the best time to buy a home in a lifetime, but there is a problem. You may be experiencing the frustration of talking to banks today, it seems like the lending standards and credit scores required to qualify change every day. Home prices are more affordable than they’ve been in decades and mortgage rates are at all time lows. Even if you were able to qualify 3 years ago, and even if your credit score has not changed, you may not be able to qualify today. There are 2 main reasons why people are not able to buy a home, but there is also hope and the American dream of home ownership might still be within your reach.

Top 7 Benefits of Home Ownership, Part 1

The last few years have been really difficult for the real estate market, and many people are wondering if now is really a good time to buy a home or not. Many other people want to buy a home, but are stuck in the rent trap because the banks continue to tighten their lending standards and shut people out who would have qualified only a few short years ago. This article will discuss the Top 7 benefits of owning a home versus renting.

Power of Networking

Equinox Advantage believes in the power of a great sphere of Influence!

Easing the Transition to Your New Home

Tips to help you make a smooth move into your new home.

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