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Al Susoeff, Jr. is a Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Coach, Author and Civil Engineer from Central Arkansas. You can read more of his articles at www.ASusoeff.com

Articles by Al Susoeff

Real Estate Terms Explained: MAO & ARV
MAO stands for Maximum Allowable Offer and ARV is After Repaired Value...

Real Estate Terms explained: BPO
When a bank has to take a home back in a foreclosure, they will want to know what the house is “basically” worth. Many real estate agents and brokers supplement their commission income by doing BPOs...

Real Estate Terms Explained: LTV
Loan-to-value (LTV) is a ratio that depicts the relationship of a loan amount with the value of a property...

Attracting Sellers: Getting Them to Call You
There are basically two ways to find potential sellers. I call them Passive Advertising and Active Advertising...

Real Estate Terms Explained: Due Diligence
Due Dilegence: In a nutshell it means you and only you are responsible for checking out a prospective deal. The Seller is not responsible for telling you the truth.

10 Things Your Real Estate Agent will Never tell You
Beware of Paranoid Realtors
Most of you know my opinion of realtors. For those that don’t it goes like this: There are a handful that are worth a rip, the rest are MORONS!

Deal's that Aren't
One of my wholesaler bird dogs sent me two “deals” that I wanted to put on the blog as yet another example of what NOT to do.

Defaulted Paper: I Win or I Win
I wanted to share a story about a deal I did about two years ago which illustrates both of the two main principals that I teach my students. The first principal is “everybody wins or we don’t play”.

The New EPA Lead Rule
The rules for renovating pre-1978 homes are changing and failure to comply can carry stiff penalties. If you’re a rehabber, flipper, or landlord this may affect your business...

Garage Sales and Real Estate Investing
If you have followed my blog or read any of the articles I have written you know that I am a big fan of “win-win” scenarios in all my Real Estate dealings. Truth is, If I cannot figure out a way where everybody gets what they want, I do not do the deal...

Getting the Best Tenants
I often get into discussions with other landlords both here in town and online in other parts of the country and they ask me how it is that I do not have the same problems that they have with their renters...

Liens or Judgements Make or Break the Deal
What if I told you that you can negotiate these liens and judgments as well, and many times save a bad deal or make a good deal even better?

Should You Use a Realtor?
This is exactly what worries me sometimes about information online; so much of it is in no way, shape or form rooted in reality...

Something for Nothing
Never accept ‘somethin for nothin’. In fact beware when somebody offers you ‘somethin for nothin’. See here’s the problem; when you get ‘somethin for nothin’; that means somebody else got ‘nothing for havin’ done something and that just ain’t fair”.

"Subject To" in a Nutshell
Today we took another house for free. The process, for those of you not already educated about these sorts of transactions, is known as a “Subject To” deal. “Subject to” means that we took the home subject to the financing already in place.

Taking Back a Second Mortgage
"Taking back" a second mortgage when you buy a home and the seller “loans" you some of the money they need in order to buy the property

Wholesaling and the MLS
The other day I had a “so called” wholesaler email me regarding doing a wholesale flip through a realtor...

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