Steve & Robyn Love

Steve and Robyn Love are experienced real estate investors, real estate broker/agent and real estate appraisers. Both graduated from Ron LeGrand's Masters In Real Estate Course. When Ron was recruiting for someone to manage the Los Angeles branch for the Investor's Resource Center of America-Los Angeles chapter in 2005, he chose Steve and Robyn Love over the many who applied. Today, the IRCA is an independent organization and we have traininer from a diverse background to help you succeed. In addition to IRCA, Steve has an internet radio show (www.prosperitythroughrealestate.com) where he interviews industry experts, newbies and support personel to aid you in your real estate career. Both Steve and Robyn wrote the book "Home Remedy". This book contains true stories from other investor on some of their deals and is for investors to learn how to negotiate like the pros and the art of putting together a deal. The book is also for homeowners to learn what reale estate investors can do for them.

Articles by Steve & Robyn Love

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