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Quit Whining!

by Steve & Robyn Love

This past weekend I was sitting at a seminar that I had paid for a while ago on the subject of internet marketing. Being down at an LAX Hotel at 8 am took a little effort on my part. That meant I had to get up an hour and a half earlier. UHG, not my idea of fun, but I did it reluctantly. The morning information contained good tips that I could use but after the break up came another speaker trying to sell his stuff. Then two more people to do the same. I was irritated; I didn’t pay to get pitched! I actually was whining about it to my husband. The next day as the host shared for a few hours, I started to understand why he had brought those people on the day before. They could enhance my business. They had figured out something that made it (promotion, marketing, web pages) easier, quicker, and more efficient and made a product out of it. It worked for them, so why not us? There is a benefit of learning something from someone else rather than try to reinvent it all over again. I could now see the benefit of having those presenters. Each one had something unique that I hadn’t been aware of prior to their speaking and educating me. Being new to internet marketing, I’m getting educated on what to do and how to do it. It’s not unlike what a parent does for a child or the IRCA does for you. Most of the people who attend our meetings are looking for more money and more freedom. We at IRCA teach how to make an enormous income by working with houses. There isn’t just one way, there are hundreds of ways. Some people before us have figured out how to monetize this industry in different niches , providing us with multiple opportunities to achieve our goals. Yet, I get complaints that some of the speakers “sell”. You use many products in your life that you have to purchase. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how to build a car, a washing machine or a refrigerator. Someone before us figured that out and now we can just buy a product that works, does what was advertised and we can use it until we wear it out. Here at IRCA-Los Angeles we choose the topics and speakers for today’s market. What worked just two years ago doesn’t necessarily work now. To continue to make money, your strategy must change. We put people in front of you that have figured out how to make money in this economic climate. Wouldn’t it make sense to model someone that has experience with that particular niche? You actually get to save thousands of dollars and as many hours by not having to go back to school. The products are very specific. The steps are specific. You only learn about your specific topic. You can learn from the speaker without buying from the speaker. Although not all of the speakers at our monthly meeting offer additional training or products, we insist that those who do teach for at least 95% of their time and may sell for only 5%. So quit whining and learn!.

Steve & Robyn Love
Steve and Robyn Love are experienced real estate investors, real estate broker/agent and real estate appraisers. Both graduated from Ron LeGrand's Masters In Real Estate Course. When Ron was recruiting for someone to manage the Los Angeles branch for the Investor's Resource Center of America-Los Angeles chapter in 2005, he chose Steve and Robyn Love over the many who applied. Today, the IRCA is an independent organization and we have traininer from a diverse background to help you succeed. In addition to IRCA, Steve has an internet radio show (www.prosperitythroughrealestate.com) where he interviews industry experts, newbies and support personel to aid you in your real estate career. Both Steve and Robyn wrote the book "Home Remedy". This book contains true stories from other investor on some of their deals and is for investors to learn how to negotiate like the pros and the art of putting together a deal. The book is also for homeowners to learn what reale estate investors can do for them.

Website: www.irca-losangeles.com

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