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Closing Gifts Leave A Lasting Impression

by Nola Cooper

In my travels around the Southeastern US, and even beyond; I've learned something important while doing research for my business-that people remember what gift (if any) their agent gave them for EVERY closing they’ve had! It is also apparent that the more thought that is put into the gift, the more likely they are to feel respected; thus eager to refer their agent to others.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much was spent, only whether the gift was useful, practical, and fit their lifestyle. This can be a dilemma for agents with clients that they may have met just weeks before the closing takes place! Finding a “signature gift” that fits everyone can be difficult; but taking the time to do it, will pay off in the end!

Delivering your gift personally, one to two weeks after the closing, though difficult for some to do, can be a very valuable marketing strategy! This approach allows you to check on your clients “to be sure everything is going okay”; and it ensures that they feel you “went the extra mile” for them! In most cases it will be a short, happy visit.

Your current clients will be much more likely to give you those valuable referrals if you take a little extra time, after their closing, to show them how much they are appreciated! And when the time comes for them to buy again; they are more likely to “look you up” for the job!

Nola Cooper
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