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How to get 1 hour of uninterrupted time with potential new clients... and have them buy lunch too!

by The i-Doctor

This is an excellent method of attracting new clients!

Make up small flyers, business cards, or post cards promoting this service to hand out to friends and associates. Not only is it simple, easy, and an excellent method to learn the mindset of your market group but it will also cause you to stand out from the multitude of other real estate professionals seeking this person as a client.

I call my program "Will Work For Food". I treat almost as a novelty item. It catches people's attention and allows me to explain the concept. Often it results in an appointment for lunch and an excellent networking opportunity for me.

Here's the concept.

An interested potential client will arrange a time when the two of you can go out for lunch. (They buy) While you're having lunch they can ask any question they wish in your specific area of expertise.

It's important they know there's no obligation on their part.

What's the benefit for them? They have the opportunity to ask questions to a qualified professional in a non-threatening environment. (They won't feel like they're being told just what they want to hear in order to get the listing)

What's the benefit for you? You now have a unique opportunity to establish a relationship with them and demonstrate your expertise. Even if they don't come back to you you can be sure they'll pass your name on to their friends. If their intent is to try and sell their home themselves if/when they discover it isn't as easy as it seems you can be sure your name will be at the tip of their tongue when they pick up the phone to call an agent.

What does it cost you? Well nothing really. You get a free lunch and an opportunity to establish a relationship with a potential new client which you probably would never have had otherwise.

*I do this myself and have received great results from it. *

The i-Doctor
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