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Simple, Easy ways to Increase Your Email Efficiency by 100 percent!

by The i-Doctor

If you follow the proper steps before constructing your web site as well as the steps after your site is constructed you will receive inquiries for your products or services. Tragically, too many people do not follow up an inquiry properly and loose a potential sale. This is the whole reason you've toiled and sweated over creating the perfect site. Don't throw it away now?

Sound a bit melodramatic? Not really. I can't count the number of times I've checked with client's and discovered firstly that they haven't checked their email in days of even worse they haven't responded to an inquiry from a future customer.

Here are some simple steps you should do EVERYTIME you receive an email.

  • As soon as you receive an email reply to it! It's so much what you say as the speed in which you reply which will show your visitor that you mean business. Something simple like "Thanks for your inquiry. I'm compiling the information you requested and will email it to you."

  • Ok, so now you've let them know that you value their business and are treating their inquiry seriously. Now make sure that you respond with the information or answer they requested within 24 HOURS. A typical customer on the Internet expects a lot from you. You are probably not the only one they've communicated to so they will quickly "weed out" unlikely candidates.

  • Fast, complete responses to inquiries with quickly build a relationship with your new customer and go along ways towards a successful and profitable relationship. Both for you and them.

  • Don't be surprised if you receive another email from them with additional questions or requests for information. Today's electronic consumer wants to be educated about their upcoming purchase.

  • OK. So you've done everything you're supposed. You sent them complete answers to their questions or queries. But you've heard nothing from them since! Don't despair. Keep track of the email addresses of people who have contacted you. Send a follow-up email 1-week after your last correspondence. Something simple and not too pushy. (People dislike being pressured on the Internet just like they do face to face.) Simply ask them if the information you passed on to them helped and offer your assistance if they have any other questions.

Remember, the Internet is not a money tree. However, with a little time, and persistence, you can establish relationships that would never be possible if it not for the Internet. Follow these steps faithfully and you'll find the small amount of time spent will be rewarded many times over.

The i-Doctor
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