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Don't lock your website in the closet!

by The i-Doctor

Six Important tips on promoting your website.

Too often I've seen companies who have constructed an excellent website but seem to hide it away by not correctly promoting it to their customers and the general public.

It's always been my philosophy that the most important part of constructing a website is the planning BEFORE you construct the site and the promoting you do AFTER it's built.

Here's some ideas on how you can easily and cheaply promote your website.

  1. Print off selected pages (in color), and put them in a binder and display it in your waiting room or office.
  2. Make up post cards using graphics from your website and use them to hand out and mail to your contacts and associates.
  3. Have announcement business cards made using graphics from your website and hand them out.
  4. Include your website address and email address on ALL literature created by your company - and double-check both of them for accuracy - especially in any advertising you do. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've noticed an incorrect website address listed in newspaper and other print ads.
  5. And when you include your website address in your advertising be sure to list one specific reason or benefit a visitor will receive from going to your site. Something like "Visit our website for our weekly markdowns. Updated each Monday" is far more direct and action oriented as opposed to only listing your website address.
  6. Do you have voice-mail? It's seems like nowadays we sometimes spend more time talking to machines than we do people. When people get your voice-mail why not take the opportunity to briefly tell them about your website and a specific benefit of visiting it. REMEMBER, KEEP IT BRIEF AND TO THE POINT.

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